5 Measures of Happiness

Jacci Pillar

I have 5 ways I measure my level of happiness.  First, you might be wondering, why it is I measure my happiness? Because a few years ago I realised I didn’t know what made me happy and what didn’t.  Now I do.  What makes me happy is that I choose to be happy.  I do things that make me smile.  I play and have fun daily.  I laugh daily.  The realisation was simple – I could choose to be happy and make simple changes in my life to achieve that.  Part of them was knowing what I do when I am happy and then checking that these things were happening on a daily basis.   If I have most of these measures in my life – I am doing well or have things to improve on.  My five measures of happiness measured on a daily basis are:

1. How often I…

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