Let’s get a wiggle on now…

It’s 48 days til we fly out to Nepal. My fitness is pretty good but I have to take it up a notch now.  So we begin in earnest.

It’s been a tough few weeks.  I have not had a good time of it and my BP has become a problem again.  And prior to that I had a chest infection and then a cough that lasted weeks.  I know these are physical health manifestations of emotional stress that I need to deal with – and I am actively dealing with it now.  My health is returning and my BP is coming back down and I can hit training again.   Making some pretty big life changes again about self-care, I want to not only be able to enjoy this trek but not have it kill me! I have a habit of being there for everyone else and not myself, and I have really needed to change that.

I have to say I am a little nervous about being fit enough but there is a plan emerging, so I will be fit enough.  My best friend will be by my side too, he’s my rock and for the first time in my life I feel there is someone beside me who believes in me 100%.  I have also felt alone in the world in some respects, but not anymore.

Sometimes positive change is scary and we stay with what is familiar to us, even if what is familiar to us is negative or not particularly useful to us.

Being happy all the time is not possible and if we think that it is we won’t be happy.  Being positive through dark times is the way to happy, but sometimes you have to accept that all emotion is temporary and passes too.

Our world has become obsessed with the myth of perfection, when nothing is perfect.  Loving ourselves in our own wonderful imperfection is more useful, in my humble opinion.  🙂



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