Sunday 12 kilometres and new shoes

Made a classic mistake yesterday. I have new runners that I won’t wear in Nepal (cause my trusty hiking boots will be on), but decided to do a longer walk.

We walked down the beach from Kewarra Beach to Palm Cove jetty and then back up the highway. Bare foot down the beach and running shoes down the road.

Should have taken the hiking boots as new runners and a bit of sand and 7.6 km of bitumen (out of a total of 12 km at a good 6km an hour) and I have a screamer of a heel blister. Ended up bare foot on the concrete path for about 2 km.

Never mind. Lesson learned. 🙂

But the good news is didn’t break a sweat was a good easy walk for me, blood pressure good and felt fantastic afterwards.

Beach walk only tonight and will push through some water in the surf part of the way for greater resistance to help my leg strength.

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