Chamje – bother and beauty

Hello! Sorry for the radio silence – the phone reception is not that great up here. 

It’s been an awesome two days of trekking and we’ve covered about 26km of the circuit.

First day was magic and the second day was challenging – because I developed dirreohea and walked all day taking medication and “hanging” on.

This kind of walking is difficult enough with the injuries in my legs – but I’m happy to report that I have probably given my abs the best work out they have had for ages.

I’m okay with being tail end Charlie all the time (I’m slower becuase of my legs), but I’m never far behind the main group.

I took an antibiotic last night and now am feeling great. Even though I was sick it does not take away the magic of this place and the constantly changing view.  The trekks are challenging but exhilarating. 

Looking forward to today without gut rot (it’s looking pretty promising so far). Just got up at 2.50 am to write this and I’m seated next to a massive waterfall and the awesome sounds of it…




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