Alarm clock – REAL gongs! 

*When I first wrote this post – I thought this was a wedding, it turns out it is a funeral! Lesson in dominant culture perception 101 – White is for funerals here and red is for weddings.*

Today is my day off and I’m happy to be able to sleep in til 9 – for me that’s a grand sleep in.

But today something gorgeous happened. I awoke to the sounds of gongs and voices drifting up from the street.

I wandered down six flights of stairs to see two large tents wedged in between apartment buildings.

There is a large white hanging decorative lantern hanging on the lane way corner.  I could not see in and of course I chose to be respectful as clearly this is a private function.

I recorded a little video for you.


But in all the modernity – here was local culture, wedged in between high density accomodation and car parks. There might not be a whole lot of money involved or a ritzy wedding planner, but a whole lot of history instead 🙂

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