Pauses and Puzzles

So it’s been interesting.  I haven’t been blogging because I think my brain has hit the pause button.

I am tired and that’s okay.  Life has been challenging but more rewarding than ever.

I recently went to a comedy gig/charity fundraiser in honour of Eurydice Dixon and her favourite charity The Welcome Group: Supporting Refugees

I got to meet some awesome comedians and find out more about potential gigs.

Eurydice’s murder rocked us all.  But it also contributed to me deciding to pack up and come to Melbourne, cause life is too damn short to waste it being where you can’t pursue your goals fully (as much as I loved Alice Springs).

So before the gig I sat in a restaurant that was in one of the oldest houses in Fitzroy, an awesome spot called Mr. Ottorino   It would be not far from where my father was born.

Not only is the food beautiful, but the house has some original features.  I was able to imagine my grandparents going up and down the staircase in the 1920’s.

So there are little pieces of the puzzle that is my family history in Melbourne coming together.  I haven’t lived here since I was four, it’s a journey of discovery.

I have a couple of job interviews this week.  That will be interesting.  One is in Collingwood, another spot significant to the family.

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