The Unspoken Disclaimer of Disability

Absolutely! The admin of disability is HUGE! Great read.

No one tells you this when you acquire your disability but you need to know, the unspoken disclaimer of disability, is that you will spend the rest of your life filling out forms.

Along with the financial cost is the physcial, psychological and emotional cost of constantly begging for support. For the services governments like to use as scores on their election campaigns and pat themselves on the back for providing them only to make us jump through hoops and then set them on fire and make you do it again. If you finally do it successfully, well, you did it so you’re not really that disabled are you?

The covert ableism of government departments who have “health assessors” and “independent doctors” (what an oxymoron when a government paid doctor is considered independent) to look at the answers to really poorly asked questions with tick boxes that your medical treating…

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