Dear Authority

Dear any authority, any at all, who might be reading my blog.

You are welcome to raise any of the content in this blog with me explicitly. That’s the joy of stats on WordPress, I can see you reading posts that are only linked to what you are surveilling me for and I notice rises in views around certain events. Like massive spikes in views when I write complaints or have upcoming reviews of certain processes.

Not that I am looking for that, not at all. Just sometimes when I login – it stands out like dog’s testicles that someone is interested in something about me that is very specific. And given that I have been an investigator before in a past regulatory complaints role, I know what that looks like. And it’s okay, it really is.

Some high stat days have a touch of a theme, but mainly not. Some high stat days stand out, showing the searching through several posts, somewhat systematically or with clear themes. Now, that, that is not co-inki-dence. Gee, who would have thought, that a researcher like me, with 17 years experience could see a theme! Not me! *I am being facetious, you do know that, right?

During the stress of an earlier process, I also noticed how it coincided with colleague ringing me to say that people engaged in that review had read all my blog and linked it to my birth name. Sometimes people love to think someone complaining is <insert ableist slur> because it makes them feel better about not noticing an abuse that led to a complaint or colluding with it or sanctioning it or just not knowing about it.

So if you are here and want to know more about my health and wellbeing…well done! You discovered public knowledge and information I already offer freely when asked. I can cut you out a nice little private investigators badge now.

I have nothing to hide. I am honest and forthright about my failings, and my mental health and also the joys and triumphs of my life, and the costs of that. I actively work with every strategy every medical practitioner and expert knowledge system has ever given me. I’ve tried things that didn’t work. I’ve tried things that did work.

One of the worst things about most administrative processes or complaints processes, is the examination of my life and not that of the people who injured me (particularly if part of a complaint about abuse). And the assumption that abuse in the workplace or life in general is not the compelling reason why I might take a particular complaint action or take time off to recover – when it fact it was.

One look at my resume you won’t see a lazy person looking for a break, not even a glance at it will show you that. Or sometimes people’s assumption that through the process being able to do 10 – 15% of the workload I used to do throughout a recent recovery process (which was 40+ hours full time work plus 10 – 20 hours a week of community arts) means I was being deceptive. Comedy has kept me alive through months and months of the worst mental health break experienced in my life from late 2019 to late 2020 – a life that has had more than it’s fair share of injury. COVID has stripped away a lot more ways I would have used comedy as a way to heal and I have had to work even harder to get well. Write that down: the reason I am studying full time again, that was a result of MY hard work with supporting treatment and surrounding myself with non-abusive people who respect healthy boundaries.

But again, should you be reading all my medical related posts, is there are any ethics in your process at all, I assume you will tell me you have read my blog – if dealing with me in an official capacity.

It is, after all, public knowledge and you can discuss it with me. Good on you for your due diligence, now be transparent about it, when and if you ever get to speak to me or see me in person. Because that will build trust, and that, my friend, is a good thing.

Have a nice day.


P.S. I am proud of my life to date. Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂

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