Gold Star FLASH SALE – 25% off

So Melbourne Fringe is turning 40! So…40 hour flash sale to get 25% off ends 4 Sept 4pm. Don’t Gold Star Fail to get yourself story, song and stand-up for a bargain price! https://melbournefringe.com.au/event/gold-star-failure/

Performed by: Jacci Pillar Produced by: Sally Goldner Directed by: Lucy Best

People call Jacci Pillar an overachiever, but they really want a Gold Star Failure Award. Gold star failure is dropping out of five degrees to finally become a social scientist, when you don’t even like people. It’s three cis-het relationships, only to come out of the closet in your 40’s. Jacci can’t decide if they are an anthropologist who does comedy, or a comedian doing a political science PhD or if they are just a joke. This barbed nerdy narrative and poorly composed musical comedy, will have you cheering for more failure!

Melbourne Fringe 40-hour flash sale photo frame in pink and purple with a picture of Jacci standing smiling at crowd from behind the piano.  They have a ‘let’s summon demons’ t shirt on and quaffed grey hair and their light sabre walking sticking is lying across the top of the piano.

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