Bullshit Episode #1 – The Precinct Chair


This is not a podcast.  It’s an exercise in the outing of bullshit. Join me in unpacking the 12 tools of propaganda so you can flush internet spread bullshit away.

Join me in unpacking the 12 tools of propaganda:

1. Ad hominem attacks (at a person or culture).

2. Glittering generalizations

3. Big lies

4. Intentional vagueness

5. Exaggerating

6. Minimizing

7. False equivalence

8. Gish Gallop

9. Lesser of two evils

10. Repetition

11. Scapegoating

12. Projection

Not Famous and Not That Funny – with Andrew Lewis


Garden variety Comedians talking about the struggles of getting an audience in the comedy world where punters are obsessed with the famous. Host Jacci Pillar talks to Andrew Lewis, comedian and radio host. In the early 2000’s and won a heat of RAW comedy at an Irish bar in Frankston, Melbourne town and forged on to do regular gigs. Comedy and performing is his whole life.