Welcome to jaccipillar.com

Jacci Pillar (me, why do we have to write these things in uncomfortable third person?) is an autistic anthropologist, author and comedian – non binary neurodivergent truth bomber.

*Ahem.  Back to first person*

I want to spread messages of healing and hope and positive messages about diversity. I don’t shy away from dark content either, so it aims to be honest in the process too.

This page started out as a personal blog about travel and happiness.  It morphed into three themes being:

  • Travel and how it fundamentally change us –  out of the original fundraiser for Beyond Blue when I trekked through Nepal
  • Disability and disability awareness – particularly neurodiversity and mental health topics
  • Comedy, women in comedy and the power of laughter and narrative to heal and shape our lives in positive ways

Oh and I am entirely fueled by coffee and “inappropriate” thoughts (whatever the heck inappropriate means!). Welcome! Love to you all.